Road Erosion Solution in the Caribbean

Every year, 70% of Caribbean beaches are eroding at rates of between 0.25 and 9m (1 to 30 ft)! EVERY YEAR!

Erosion is manifested in the whole Caribbean region and the rate of erosion depends on many factors, including the amount and intensity of precipitation, the texture of the soil and the gradient of the slope. The causes of soil erosion in the Caribbean are various, such as tropical storm, sea level rise, deficit in the sand inputs, or destruction and occupation of dunes by tourist facilities, construction of marinas and incorrect location of coastal protection infrastructure.

Consequences of increase erosion can be dramatic for a specific environment. CEP lists the following consequences:

  • Smothering of marine communities and in severe cases, complete burial leading to suffocation of corals, mangrove stands and seagrass beds;
  • decreases of available sunlight which may in turn limit the production of algae and macrophytes, increase water temperatures and reduce growth of natural vegetation;
  • damage fish by irritating or scouring their gills and degrade fish habitats as gravel containing buried eggs becomes filled with fine particles, thus reducing available oxygen;
  • reduce the success of visual predators and may also harm some benthic macro-invertebrates;
  • fill watercourses, storm drains and reservoirs leading to costly dredging and an increased risk for flooding;
  • many toxic organic chemicals, heavy metals and nutrients are physically and/or chemically adsorbed by sediments, so that an increase of sediment loading to the marine environment  can also lead to increased deposition of these toxic substances that result in further negative impacts such as eutrophication;


Overall, the degradation of coastal ecosystems and coral reefs from increases in sediment loads may lead to important losses in revenue caused by  impacts on the tourism and fishing industries and on coastal development.

A recent runoff analysis, done by the World Resource Institute in 2004, shows that one-third of all Caribbean coral reefs are threatened by sedimentation, with 20% classified as a high threat.

Caribbean coral reefs are threatened by sedimentation


The best solutions to avoid soil erosion is to prevent deforestation, eliminating bare surfaces; preserving existing trees, and planting trees and shrubs to help prevent erosion and promote infiltration of water into the soil; installing gravel trenches along driveways or patios to collect water allowing it to filter into the ground; avoiding cutting the grass within 3-7 meters from the edge of a stream or river which will create a buffer zone that will help minimize erosion and naturally filter stormwater runoff that may contain sediment.

When a dirt road is in place, it is also important to ensure that it won’t erode away. Too often, in the Caribbean, a dirt road will be graded but after a main rain event, the soil will erode in less than no time, forcing the road the be graded again and again or it will erode even more.

Nowadays, with the technology of the 21st century, environmental and costs effective solutions exist to prevent road erosion in the Caribbean.

After 5 years of R&D specifically for the Caribbean region, GreenPaved has been developed for earth conscious developers looking for solutions that will allow them to stay on budget.

The effectiveness of our products is science based and result from the length and strength of their unique polymer molecule formulation and the ability to bond with surface materials. Their chemical structures are made of molecules attached in relatively straight-linked chains and then cross-linked among other chains or grids that may be 1,000,000 molecules long. The result is a bonded matrix that can be as strong as steel or as resilient as rubber!

GreenPaved Caribbean Engineered Formula dries clear and creates a durable surface with superior compressive strength for roads, driveways and runways.

New technology means that it is possible to maintain unpaved roads in a cost-efficient way while minimizing dust. Both dirt and paved roads require proper management, but dirt roads installed and maintained with the latest materials are now a better option than ever before. The polymeric binder systems in GreenPaved capture fine dust, preventing it from escaping.

ES Caribbean’s Services

With your budget in mind, ES Caribbean works to provide you with the best possible service.

ES Caribbean team has been in the Caribbean for more than a decade. We know this region and its challenges. We are familiar with the roads through various seasons and weather conditions, and are able to respond to site-specific scenarios. To ensure compliance to our standards, we will continue improving your dust control program by adjusting it to the needs of your local context.

You can depend onES Caribbean for quality road installation and maintenance. Our stabilization techniques ensure that your roads meet the needs of your community. If you are interested in learning more about our products or services, feel free to contact us.

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