Helping the marine in a different way.

There is one thing we are certain about in life, one destiny we cannot help but to fulfill. Every one of us will – eventually – pass on, move on, or go to heaven.

For you, I hope it is a long way off and every point of your life up to that specific moment is filled with great memories and wonderful health. But ultimately you, me, every one of us will “get the call” and have to pass “our” torch on to the next generation.

I love the ocean. Maybe you do too. Actually, I love nature in general; and if there is a way I can stay connected, keep giving and even help the ocean and nature after I am finished with my journey here, then, I need to know about it!

Eternal Reef:  A legacy, Providing care for the marine environment.

If you are looking for something different other than a plot of grass, under some tree, in a really well kept lawn, then perhaps you and your family might be interested in something with a very high “benefit to cost” ratio and we’re just not talking about environmental aspects here but also financial; your pocket book will thank you!

For individuals that choose cremation, Eternal Reefs offers a unique memorial choice that replaces cremation urns and ash scatterings with a permanent environmental living legacy, using the Reef Ball technology! Become the more to the earth, more fish, algae, coral, lobster, crabs, sponges that YOUR more will help to create.

On top of that, if your final resting place happens to be in a Caribbean location, like the Bahamas, your family can create a whole vacation around visiting you and your Eternal Reef. I think its way cooler than visiting my grand parents at the cemetery and can create some very good bonding time for families while on vacation visited their families legacy.

We went to see the whole process to see how family actually help place their loved one in a “pearl” that is cast in the Reef Ball. How the Reef Ball is then decorated with all the love from the families and friends was very touching.  The reef balls are then placed in the water and the families can throw flowers at the location where the Reef Ball is placed. All in all it’s a 3-day process and I found it beautiful. The though of the family releasing the lost one in the ocean to continue its legacy to the world was absolutely enlivening.

Here are some pictures of the event. Would you do it? How would you like to be buried?

If you are interested in Eternal Reef, mention Elemental Solutions and you’ll get a discount.

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