Green Roads, Freeport

Product: GreenPaved
Total area: 14,000 sq ft.
Total product: 550 gallons
Application Rate: 1 gallon per 25 sq’
Application Dilution: 375 gallons in the ground
Application Dilution: 175 gallons topically
Application Method:  Machine blending
Installation Depth:  6 inches
Life Expectancy: Indefinite

Rand nature Center - Greenpaved

Challenge: To install an environmentally friendly running surface utilizing in-situ materials that will blend with and accentuate the natural surroundings. The finished GreenPaved installation will have to provide for erosion and dust control of an area, which incorporates a 2% grade change and fast running storm water during storm events.

Solution: GreenPaved, a specially formulated Caribbean product blended with the in-situ material is graded and then compacted. The final surface sealing top coating is applied the following day.

Result: This 100-acre national park receives hundreds of visitors each year via taxi or bus. Hurricane Sandy thoroughly tested this GreenPaved installation on October 26th with wind, rain and fallen trees. No major impacts to the installation were recorded; the parking area remained flooded for two days.

The Rand Nature Center was the venue for GreenPaved workshop 2012. The Bahamas National Trust and The Rand Nature Center are very happy with the results.

Before Installation During Installation Finished Installation
1 year – Inspection 2-year Preventive Maintenance