Caribbean Green Paving Campaign.

Do you need new pavement and are concerned of the ecological foot print you make? It is important to preserve our natural coastal area and what Mother Nature has given us. The coast and economies of the Caribbean can be preserved with a little forward thinking. It is essential to the livelihood of the Caribbean to preserve the nature and keep things clean and environmentally pristine.

Caribbean preservation is due in a large part to Eco-friendly solutions, such as those provided by Elemental Solutions whose green paving page can be found here: .

Environmentally-sound roads can be much more esthetically pleasing than more traditional methods of paving. The Eco-chip can provide a palette of colors to a paving project and is much less labor intensive than other pavement processes. It adds to the natural landscape while being a green, cost effective, environmentally friendly paving solution. It is used in many different applications, from parking lots, to airport runways, or waterside paths. This is one solution to reduce our impact on our environment.

Resin Pave in action. Running Eagle Falls is on the the many spectacular views that draw tourists to Glacier National Park in Norhwest Montana. Part of the trail that leads to the falls is pictures below. Treated with Resin Pave in 1998, the trail still holds up today – in absence of any maintenance – to the wear and tear of traffic and severe climate of the region.

There are many benefits of green roads it supports an industry that provides jobs locally, and impacts our environment less. They are a cost effective solution to deteriorating roadways. Environmentally-sound roads can not only provide a green solution to our environment, especially in the Caribbean, where the preservation of the environment is a vital part of a stable economy but they also bring state-of-the art technologies to the islands. These roads create jobs and utilizes many recycles products in a cost effective manner.

The esthetic pleasing look of environmentally sound roads that combine with their natural surroundings to resemble what was create naturally by Mother Nature is one of the most satisfactory factor. Natural looking pavements are difficult to achieve with traditional methods of paving and the traditional methods of paving are expensive and difficult to maintain. Whereas a Eco-friendly pavement solution will be, cost effective, easy to maintain, and easily made to blend in with its’ surrounding.

It is important to invest in environmentally-sound roads. They will help to preserve the islands for generations to come. They provide esthetically pleasing infrastructure and provide a cost effective solution to many environmental problems while preserving our islands.

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