Artificial Reefs

While artificial reefs are a powerful tool, improperly designed or implemented artificial reef projects have the potential to do more harm than good.

Artificial reefs have been used since centuries by fisherman to increase their catch. Today they are a key tool for conservation and fishery management. Artificial reefs have recently been used to accomplish a diverse array of objectives including: grounding/dredging mitigation, fisheries augmentation/relocation, tourism/snorkeling trails, coral transplant/rescue, breakwater/erosion protection, and mangrove restoration.

Our staff has years of experience in the safe and proper design, installation and monitoring of artificial reef based restoration projects. We work in collaboration with veteran coastal civil engineers to ensure that proper materials are used for the specific project, and that reefs are properly sited and anchored (if necessary) to avoid damage to nearby natural habitats. Elemental Solutions frequently works with Reef BallĀ® artificial reefs, which are designed by the renowned coral restoration non-profit The Reef Ball Foundation(

Elemental Solutions can also design and implement a snorkeling trail for resort, or government.