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Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are often called the rain forests of the sea. They are one of the most biologically diverse areas in the world and provide many key ecosystem services, including food, coastal protection, and tourism revenue. Elemental Solutions specializes in coral reef monitoring, protection and restoration.

Public Speaking

Get inspired to take action to protect our oceans and make a difference in our world by listening to Dr Catherine Jadot talking about the protection of the ocean and the steps everyone can implement in their day-to-day life to make a real difference.

Mangrove restoration

Mangrove restoration is an essential step in the campaign to protect and rehabilitate near-shore tropical habitats. We work with a wide range of afforestation techniques, from direct planting to leading edge technology like the mangrove planters from Mangrove Solutions, which specially engineered for challenging environments, where classical planting methods fail.

Environmental Monitoring

Elemental Solutions excels in all phases of monitoring for the marine environment, from baseline assessment, gap analysis and complex long-term monitoring studies. We can help you design a monitoring plan, train your staff in proper monitoring technique and tools, or even conduct monitoring for your organization, depending on your specific needs.

Living shoreline

ES Caribbean teamed up with the Reef Ball Foundation to offer their new products - the Eco-Rap modules protecting the shoreline from wave energy. These living shoreline are an absolute necessity to protect shorelines from erosion. All the modules are custom made to ensure the highest level of protection and efficiency.

Environmental Impact Assessment

We offer rigorous, practical and cost-effective EIA to assess the likely positive and/or negative influence a project may have on the environment. Our staff will provide all the steps necessary for your EIA, including: screening, scoping, examination of alternatives, impact analysis, mitigation and impact management, evaluation of significance, report writing, decision making and follow up.
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Dr Cath

Dr Cath

Environmental Consultant

My passion for the oceans started just after my first dive, when I was 8.5 years old. Yes, that’s a long time ago! Scientist, entrepreneur, endurance athlete and wife, I race in Ironman triathlons when I’m not underwater.

I have worked for various universities and agencies in Belgium, France, the Azores, Dubai, Trinidad, the Cayman Islands, Bonaire, the Bahamas, Madagascar and the Turks and Caicos Islands. I also have authored and co-authored numerous scientific papers and technical reports.




Manager / Logistics

I co-founded Elemental Solutions in 2010 to push back against the ever-increasing pressure on the environment. I have strong project management oversight in building out billion dollar infrastructures and hold various certifications. Our team recently finished the largest Reef Ball reef in the Bahamas, deploying over 300 units. Our construction techniques now focus directly on the environment, always trying to do it better, safer and healthier.

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La Mangrove, un écosystème au service de l’homme

Les mangroves, ou palétuviers, sont des plantes qui ne se développent que dans les régions tropicales ou sub-tropicales et sont parmi les écosystèmes les plus productifs au monde! Les palétuviers doivent […]

Living shoreline - reef balls

Eco Rap Living Shoreline Environmental Protection

Have you heard the news? Reef Balls have are evolving, well at least some have developed a desire to be above the surface, interacting and supporting life within the Land […]


Artificial reefs and marine protected areas: a study in willingness to pay to access

We are delighted to share this new article that explains why Artificial reefs can have such an important role to play to help generate a significant revenue to aid reef conservation. […]

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